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4oz Mad About Organics Skin/Itch Relief – “Miracle in a bottle” is the best way to describe this product! Mad About Organics products are developed for a variety of therapeutic, animal health skin care issues using all natural organic ingredients. They are cruelty-free, biodegradable, contain no dyes, nor animal-by-products and are environmentally sensitive. Our unique formula does more than just stop symptoms… it actually eliminates the problem in days instead of weeks! Our organic Healing Skin Relief formula penetrates deep into skin tissue where fungus lies to reach below the skin”s surface to eliminate fungi and bacteria that can cause havoc to your animal”s body. It has been observed that itchy skin, chewing, constant licking and allergies in horses have become more common than ever before. Like us, animals get bit, stung, have allergic reactions to insects or many other irritants, or even get sunburned. Excessive licking, chewing and scratching can lead to open sores, setting your horse up for a skin infection. Our organic healing skin relief formula aids in all of these situations. Mad About Organics” Organic Healing Skin – Itch Relief for Dogs and Large Animals is the answer to all your animal”s itching, scratching, allergy related needs. Stop the unnecessary biting, scratching and licking the All Natural Way. Since the development of Mad About Organics” Healing Skin Relief, pet owners have found the special blend of ingredients to be the answer to their animal”s skin and coat needs. Mad About Organics” Organic Healing Skin – Itch Relief for Dogs and Large Animals is made in the USA – based in Eugene, Oregon and packaged in a recyclable plastic bottle.