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15.87lb Annamaet Glycocharge Canine Post-Exercise Supplement – Glycocharge is the ideal post exercise, canine supplement, formulated to aid in the rapid repletion of muscle glycogen stores following periods of work or exercise. Glycocharge is a dry powder that can be mixed with warm water or frozen into ice cube treats. Glycocharge should be given shortly after exercise (ideally within 30 minutes) followed by a 2 hour rest period following Glycocharge feeding. If the dogs are not given at least two hours rest, Glycocharge will be burned as fuel before being converted to muscle glycogen stores. Annamaet is certified by the National Animal Supplement Council, the gold standard for animal supplements, and Glycocharge proudly carries the NASC seal. Glycogen is one of the fuels used by the body during strenuous exercise. It is the fuel that provides endurance and is synthesized from carbohydrates. Previous attempts to “carbo load” dogs by feeding a high carbohydrate diet resulted in decreased performance. Dogs have a much higher capacity than humans to burn fuel aerobically. However, at high levels of activity, the muscles’ need for energy cannot be met by oxidative metabolism, and muscle stores of glycogen are used. Post-exercise use of Annamaet Glycocharge helps rebuild muscle glycogen stores to pre-exercise levels. In a study done on exercising dogs, those that were supplemented with Annamaet Glycocharge reached 88% of their pre-exercise glycogen levels 4 hours after consumption, and 97% of their pre-exercise levels after 24 hours! The glycogen levels of dogs that were given water without Glycocharge supplementation never exceeded 69% of their pre-exercise glycogen levels in the same time span.

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